What products do I really need? I'm tight on money too 🙁

The easiest way I explain and retail to my clients is by following Medik8 CSA Philosophy.
It’s so easy to get results no matter what skin concern or skin type you may have in as little as 3 steps.

C = Vitamin C
S = Sun Protection
A = Vitamin A

I want to see quick results! I like my Aldi moisturiser!! Right, okay!!… Skin Therapists hear this alot {well i know i do } simply, start from the bottom by laying the correct foundation.

Step 1. Vitamin C – Apply vitamin C in the morning for an all-day shield against everyday environmental factors which can cause skin ageing.
A well formulated stabilised Vitamin C provides the body’s natural system with a much needed boost to fight off free radicals & protection from the effects of skin aging. Targets; Collagen production and pigmentation issues

Step 2. SPF, Sun protection, Sun block.. whatever you call it WEAR IT! Daily in fact.
More and more clients are now aware of UV exposure and the effects it is having on our skin. The worry of someone having skin cancer is less worrying that someone having wrinkles.
The thing is by wearing a full broad spectrum spf 5 star rating UVA + UVB protection not only protects you from cancer but also aging and pigmentation.
I would always advise you to wear atleast spf 25 in the UK.
*always apply spf last or just before makeup application.

Step 3. Vitamin A aka Retinol/ Retinal is designed to be only applied at night.
Vitamin A is one of my Best Selling products for skin aging concerns and prepping for chemical peels, skin needling and maintenance. Working while you sleep, Medik8’s Time Release™ Technology delivers vitamin A slowly into the skin to prevent overwhelming it; minimising the irritation sometimes experienced with other brands.
*Retinol should be slowly introduced into your skin so follow guidelines.

Why not build your own CSA kit? https://www.medik8.com/csa-builder.html

Or if you’ve skipped past all that watch Medik8’s video on CSA – LOL!🤣

Have a lovely day!

Bianca – Owner of BeeBee Beauty & Aesthetics